Thursday, June 7, 2012

The JJ alliance

In the bygone days we read about how Pakistan army orchestrated alliances with Islamists  to win a war in Afghanistan. In those days, Pakistan was the breeding and training ground for the warriors in Afghanistan. Islamic parties sponsored money and men in hope of controlling the future of Afghanistan, while the United State backed the ISI in the delicate balancing act of forging a relationship between the CIA, and Mullahs (i.e. Islamist).

This is one of the darkest chapters in Pakistan history, with effects that will haunt this country for many generations to come. This was the period when fundamentalism was forcefully used for seeking strategic national interests. The army supported the mullahs by giving them power, while Mullahs in turn supported by providing men willing to sacrifice their lives. We passed through the 1980s as the MM (Mullah-Military) alliance aggrandized into a hegemony. Unfortunately, some parts of this alliance went out of control and are today wrecking the country.

Apart from this MM alliance, a new alliance has also developed. This is the JJ (Judges-Journalists) alliance. This JJ alliance is weakening the already fractured democracy by discussing accusation against politicians (especially PPP politicians) without any legal proofs or justification. Anchors with weak information source, biased opinions, cynical outlook, and elongated rhetoric try to influence and distort the psyche of the common people as well as the Pakistani judiciary. These judges play a complementary role, similar to that of Mullahs, by giving such news bites excessive credence. This excessive credence leads to a series of suo motto (self taken) notices in which the judiciary discriminates specific politicians highlighted by clairvoyant journalist. The JJ alliance mechanism works as follows:

JJ alliance mechanism

A millionaire journalist blabbers on his talk show or scribbles words in his column. The judges read the column and correspondingly order the politicians to come to the court. The politicians begs for mercy, as if he was surely guilty.

Doing an utilitarian analysis will prove that the JJ alliance is quadruple capital gains for individuals. The millionaire journalist gains extra rating, his newspaper or TV channel gains new viewer-ship making his boss happier. The judges also gain public courtesy, as in Pakistan we supposedly allege politicians for all wrongs (an idea infused by the military establishment in Pakistan). The politicians loses moral ground, hence weakening democracy and allowing non-democratic forces to takeover. 

This JJ alliance is as harmful to the country as the MM alliance was in the 1980s. Numerous examples can be quoted to proof this allaince:

1) The Atiqa Oddo Alcohol Sou motto notice.
2) Mosa Gillani case.
3) Hamid Saaed Kazmi Hajj scandal.
4) Hussain Haqqani's Memo Scandal.
5) Swiss bank cases pending for 10 year are resurrected by the professional diabolical rhetorics.
6) Accusation against Ameen Fahim.
7) Highly synchronized propaganda against Jamshed Dasti's fake degree, while the only edge these journalists have over Dasti is their adored cosmetics and three-piece suits.
8) The crying Ansar Abbasi is very vocal in this JJ alliance.

In future, this JJ alliance might consider a merger with the MM alliance. The MMJJ pvt. ltd. company will be a tough challenge to the people friendly forces in Pakistan. People should know their rights and speak against any supra-structure in which they don't have domination.

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