Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recent media polls on Pakistani TV anchors

Certainly, the internet doesn't represent the whole spectrum of Pakistani society; likewise, the private media also doesn't represent the whole spectrum of Pakistani society. Private capitalist media is mostly seen in urban and semi-urban areas of Pakistan. They have no reach in the far flung villages and towns, keeping these villagers save from psychological brainwashing which they do in the urban centres.

On the posit that people who watch electronic media also use the internet, a poll on the internet gives a raw figure what the people think about TV anchors in the post-Media Gate scenario.

In a recent poll by DAWN, people out-rightly rejected the credibility of media anchors. The question asked in the poll was, "Do you think the recent talk show scandal has reduced media's credibility?"  The results are: 

DAWN poll taken on 20/6/2012 (6.16 PM).

More than 90% of the internet voters voted "YES". In their view the media has lost its credibility. Even if we assume that their is a plus/minus 20% error in the figures, even then 70% people still have no credibility in Pakistan news media. This is devastating for the news creation industry. I think these anchors should run for the forests or shift to other industries!

In another poll conducted by Express Tribune, netizens gave a very similar opinion. This time, they were posed a different question. The poll asked: "Do you believe that Meher Bokhari's and Mubashir Lucman's interview with Malik Riaz was scripted?" Again, the results are devastating for the news media industry:

Express Tribune Poll on Mazhar Abbass' article
taken on 20/6/2012 (6.31 PM)

We can see that more than 90% voters are of the opinion that the Malik Riaz interview was scripted. In other words, it was no different from a third rated film, drama or theatre shows. The voters consider serious new programs similar to entertainment programs, thus clearly damaging the intrinsic character of news industry. It's a shame for a scientist if someone calls him a joker. Likewise, it's a shame for an anchor person if someone compares him or her with Charlie Chaplin or Marilyn Moore. I have all respect Charlie Chaplin or Marilyn Moore. It is shameful for the journalist to be compared with entertainment industry characters.

Another poll result question whether we really need need television talk shows. The results are:

Polls by taken on 20/06.2012 (7.00 PM)

Will the urban middle class stop watching the corrupt and capitalist news media? Unfortunately, the answer is 'no'. There is no alternate to electronic news medium. The news industry is either controlled by capitalist tycoons or the government. The social media can act as an alternate, but the recent censorship by PEMRA has sabotaged this source of information sharing. All important sources of information are blocked by the PEMRA censorship board in Pakistan.

Secondly, internet access in Pakistan is lower compared to cable TV access. Everyone cannot excess Youtube and social blogosphere. Considering the low literacy rate in the country, even if people have access to them, it won't be useful for bringing a change.

All in all, the Capitalist media will continue to reign on our lives.

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