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Debunking myths regarding the re-opening of NATO supplies

NATO trucks waiting at Karachi. adapted from:

There is a uproar in Pakistan against the opening of the NATO supply route that Pakistan closed in the aftermath of the Salala incident. 24 Pakistani troops lost their lives exacerbating PAK-US relationships. This worsening of relationship didn't just affected the ongoing fight against terrorism, but also closed a big source of employment for Pakistanis. Thousands of hawkers, truck drivers, mechanics, workers, loaders and cooks became unemployed the day Pakistan closed the PAK-AFGHAN border in retaliation to the Salala killing. The government of Pakistan demanded an explicit apology from the the government of United States in order to re-open the vital NATO supply routes. Last night secretary of state Hilary Clinton called Pakistan's foreign minister, Hina Rabbani, and uttered the word which the government and the army were waiting to hear since 6 months — the word was, "Sorry". This magic word has given new impetus to the stagnant relationship between Pakistan and United States. It shows Pakistan's sincere commitment for it's fight against terrorism in the region. 

The literature that criticise the re-opening of NATO supply routes is mostly emotional, rhetorical, populous, and logically inconsistent. People with a rightist bend are vehemently speaking against the re-opening of supply. The best summary of their logical argument is given in an article written by Zaid Hamid titled "Ten reasons why NATO supplies must never be opened!"

Presented below is a logical critic on the ten reasons elucidated by Mr. Zaid Hamid. Zaid Hamid is one of Pakistan's biggest conspiracy theorists who thinks the whole world is trying to destroy the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The reason to debunk his article is to disprove his conspiracy theory, and secondly to answer all logical inconsistency in the rightist discourse. Zaid Hamid reason is written in Italic and Orange:

1. US is building an invasion level army in Afghanistan but giving the false perception that they plan to leave by 2014. Over 3,500 armored infantry vehicles and 5000 containers of weapons stuck in Pakistan, as well as Abrams M1A1 main battle tanks are not going for ant-Taliban operations. Taliban do not have aircraft. US is taking in anti aircraft radars and guns. Do they really think we are that stupid? This military buildup is for Af-Pak military doctrine which envisions invasion of Pakistan in tandem with Indian Cold start invasion from the East once the deployed 4th generation war reaches critical levels of anarchy.

The primary question is, from where did he get all this information? Does he works for the ISI, CIA, or NSA? What are his sources? Can he quote some books or newspaper articles to explicate his point of view? Zaid Hamid simply constructs a myth by himself and then fills it up with military jargon to make is sound reasonable. Words like Abrams M1A1 main battle tanks, Indian Cold start invasion, and 4th generation war is nothing more than cliches which students use to impress their teachers in school or colleges.

During his reasoning, Mr. Hamid asks a question out of no where: Do they really think we are that stupid? I think the nation isn't stupid. It is people like you who are fooling the younger generations for years. I say, enough of this fooling around! If you can't guide than don't misguide. It was the stupidity of our policies in the 1980s when Pakistan fought against the Soviet Union. It is because of that stupidity the nation is suffering today. The greatest stupidity in the present situation is the blocking of the Durand Line. If Pakistan continues to block the border, in will only elongate US presence in the region, and will keep thousands of Pakistans unemployed. Do you call giving employment stupidity? Maybe you do, but I don't!

2. US supply line is also the supply line for non-state violent actors like TTP, BLA and other militants groups in Karachi, where hundreds of containers have been “lost” inside Pakistan and their weapons gone “missing”. TTP has killed or wounded over 100,000 Pakistanis so far in their bloody war against Pak Sarzameen and we all know that they are based in Afghanistan, protected by NATO and Karzai and backed by RAW. The Salala check post attack by NATO, which resulted in this blockade, was carried out by NATO to clear passage for the TTP insurgents.

Total distortion of facts and history. The Salala incident took place on 26th November 2011. From that date, the supply routes have been closed. On the other hand, thousands of Pakistanis have been killed by the hands of Islamic extremists and terrorists. Killing is taking place on ethnic and sectarian grounds. People are also being killed due to extortion activities. According to HRCP report around 740 people have been killed in Karachi during the last five months. Hazaras Shias are being killed everyday. This has nothing to do with the open of the supply routes. All these killings were even happening when the supply route was closed down by the government. 

The Baloch people are not being support by RAW. The interior ministry has failed to produce and sort of evidence whatsover to prove Indian presence in Balochistan. The Baloch independence movement has now become a middle-class movement in which the whole spectrum of the Baloch society is participating. Rather than cursing Indian, the federation and the army must win the hearts and minds of the common Baloch.

Zaid Hamid writes: "The Salala check post attack by NATO, which resulted in this blockade, was carried out by NATO to clear passage for the TTP insurgents." . This is the funniest part of his logic. NATO helping TTP! This is nothing more than a wild conspiracy to fool the nation. Zaid Hamid premise is absolutely false, hence the conclusion he tries to derive is nothing more than the distortion of facts.

3. Give us one reason why should we be part of the illegal American war to kill Afghan Muslims? US itself is talking to Afghan Taliban and resistance for a political settlement but wants Pakistan to wage a war against them! For the last 12 years, Pakistan has been bulldozed and abused into an illegal war of occupation, just as Soviets had done in 80s. Now we are not willing to be a part of it. It’s that simple. US did not enter Afghanistan after taking our permission nor it is our responsibility to maintain their forces there. They can go to hell as far as we are concerned.

This point proves that Zaid Hamid cannot prove his perspective in a logical manner. He plays the trick that most right wingers play when they couldn't defend their point of view — they appeal to emotion. Words like 'kill Afghan Muslims', 'illegal war of occupation', ' go to hell', etc. are only emotional blackmailing to drive the nation crazy. Zaid Hamid talks about US presence in Afghanistan as if Taliban rule was the golden age of Afghanistan. Thousands of innocent people belonging to minority communities were killed in Afghanistan. Women had no rights to study, work and live according to their own will. They were forced to wear the Afghan Niqab. Life was miserable for half of the population of Afghanistan!.Only the Pastoon speaking people were happy with the Taliban rule, as the Taliban were mostly Pashtons (Joe Klein calls them the Pashtoon Liberation Army), thus protected the economic interests of their community.

After the US invasion women and children have more freedom. They can freely song, go to school, and enjoy their lives. Millions of school children can now go to schools. An educational revolution is taking place in Aghanistan, and its results will be visible in the next 10 years. 

This reason ends with rhetoric which can only bring smiles on our faces. Nothing to comment on it.

4. The US war in Afghanistan has also brought the war inside Pakistan with over $90 billion worth of loses, damages, destruction to roads and transport infrastructure and over 100,000 killed or wounded so far and counting. The peanuts given to Pakistan as CSF are not more than bribes to the rulers. The entire logistical supply line was free, without any taxes, duties or compensation for the losses. Pakistani nation has only bled through this war. Not anymore. Enough. 

Again the number 100,000 has nothing to do with the closure of NATO supplies. More people are killed in Pakistan by the hands of religious extremists compared to US drones. Secondly, Zaid Hamid speaks about the $90 billion dollar lose. Is closing the route an efficient method to cope up with this? Closing the supply route has only increase unemployment in Pakistan, which is only exacerbating the poor economic conditions of the country. 

More importantly, the route weren't closed because of economic reasons. It was closed because 24 soldoers were killed by the NATO forces. Pakistan didn't close the route to gain economic benefits. The life of 24 soldiers in more important compared to some dollar which Zaid Hamid mentioned.

Zaid Hamid falsely remarks, "The entire logistical supply line was free". He claims to be a defences analyst, but knows nothing about transit duties being paid to Pakistan by the United States. For Zaid Hamid's information , US paid $250 per truck as transit fees. This is distortion at its best!

5. US now plan to bring India as strategic partner in Afghanistan which would create another nightmare security crisis for Pakistan. Already the Indian presence in Afghanistan has brought death and destruction to Pakistan as RAW is the main handler of TTP and BLA for the CIA. US want Pakistan to support and facilitate Indian presence in Afghanistan. They think we are crazy. Over our dead bodies. By killing the Af-Pak military doctrine, Pakistan also killed the Indian game plan in Afghanistan. US have made a terrible blunder by waging a war against Pakistan and inviting Indians to take charge in Afghanistan. Enough to make us very very angry.

Nothing new in this logic. A conspiracy theorist blabbering a new conspiracy theory. RAW, BLA, TTP, CIA, bla bla bla, US help and destruction of Pakistan, et cetera. A meaningless piece of argument.

Zaid Hamid claims US is bringing in India. He thinks as if India needs US protocol for improving relationship with Afghanistan. India is helping Afghanistan in building roads, higher education institution, parliament building, hospitals, etc. India has developed a might 'soft power' in Afghanistan. Even Taliban acknowledges India. The Afghan people are thankful to India for her help in the development of Afghanistan. India doesn't need United States as a middle-man! India isn't Ethopia or Sudan, the country has successfully forged relationship with Afghanistan on its own. 

On the other hand, Pakistan continues to consider Afghanistan as her 'strategic depth'. It is high time for Pakistan to imitate the India policy to win the hearts and minds of the Afghani boy and girls. Terror only breeds terror, and in the end, terror also eats up the breeder.

Again, Zaid Hamid ends his 5th reason with a joke, "Pakistan also killed the Indian game plan in Afghanistan". Sensible people can only guffaw at this statement.

6. Pakistan’s parliament has passed a resolution blocking all weapons supplies into Afghanistan. Now it is illegal and a crime to send weapons into Afghanistan. Pakistani nation has spoken and its verdict is sharp. No weapons to Afghanistan occupation forces ever. Not through land, not through air.

Resolutions are not binding decisions. The US also presented a resolution on free Balochistan. Hundreds of resolutions have been passed by the parliament on a wide range of topics. The purpose of a parliamentary resolution s only to underscore the topic of the month. A resolution cannot make anything legal or illegal. 

For the conspiracy theorist information, the DCC (Defense Cabinet Committee) is the decision making body on all national security issues. The routes were closed on DCC's decision and are now opened on DCC's decision. The Pakistani nation speaks through the DCC, not through a leaflet with no legal value.

Secondly, weapons don't pass through Paksitan's soil to Afghanistan. Zaid Hamid knows nothing about the NATO transit between the PAK-AFGHAN border. Pakistan only helps in transporting stuff other than weaponry into Afghanistan. I think Zaid Hamid has never read a newspaper in his whole life.

Comparing a parliamentary resolution with a cabinet decision is another farce played by Zaid Hamid. Distortion at its peak!

7. US has been waging a massive drone war inside Pakistan, killing hundreds of innocent Pakistanis whose blood is cheaply ignored as “collateral damage”. US have totally refused to acknowledge Pakistan’s protests and demands that these illegal campaigns be stopped. Why should we listen to US when US is directly involved in killing our people just as TTP, BLA and other terrorist gangs? 

Thousands of innocent Pakistanis have been killed by extremists and terrorists who are the combine enemy of United States and Pakistan. To be more factual, more Pakistanis have been killed in Lahore by extremists than the militants during the Indo-Pak migeration. Secondly, Drones have killed more terrorists in the FATA region compared to innocent people. 

Zaid Hamid gets his information from some mystical source. Nobody knows about it. According to a Bloomberg report by Tony Cappacio and Jeff Bliss quotes, 
US government sources suggesting that ever since July 2008, drone strikes in Pakistan have killed 1,300 militants and only 30 civilians, with no civilians killed since August 2010. (source: Nadeem F. Paracha's article)
Drones do violate geographical sovereignty, but it's a farce to say that more civilians are killed by drones compared to terrorists. Terrorists are nobody's people. If US is helping Pakistan in exterminating terrorism, than it's a win-win deal for both countries.

8. If the supplies are resumed, this would dangerously pitch the nation against armed forces and Pakistan Army. Pakistani armed forces are respected and loved by the people and it is the will of the people that these supplies must remain blocked. Today, dozens of officers and men of Pak army are dying each week at the hands of CIA / RAW backed terrorists. If the supplies are resumed, this number would reach to hundreds per week as insurgents and terrorists would get fresh supply of weapons and explosives. 

Nothing more than wild conspiracy theory. The nation is more threatened by terrorist sanctuaries than by NATO supply routes. "pitching the nation against the army" is nothing more than a layman conjuncture. 

Zaid Hamid is now simply trying to complete his ten point list. He says CIA is killing soldiers! Hasn't he seen the video in which Pakistani troops are being killed by the hands of the Taliban?! Distortion, distortion, and only distortion. This is how Zaid Hamid takes the nation on a ride!

9. Have we forgotten Dr. Afia? No we have not. US war crimes and crimes against humanity are long but none so serious as abduction, incarceration and conviction of Dr. Afia. Raymond Davis also killed our citizens, we have not forgotten the Salala massacre, Abbotabad raid was also a violation and insult to our dignity but we can never forget what US has done to an innocent mother whose life and family has been mercilessly butchered by the US. It is her revenge we take in every way we can. 

How does Afia jumps in this whole issue? What is Afia to do with NATO supply? Afia is in jail for 9 years, the NATO supply has nothing to do with the imprisonment or releasing of Afia from US jail. In fact, nothing can be done about this issue. No power can surpass US judiciary. Zaid the conspiracy theorists is only playing with public emotions. A tool he knows how to use!

Calling the Abbotabad raid a violation is a strategy to digress from the main issue. That is, how was a terrorist hiding near the Kakul military academy? Was the establishment playing a double-game with United States? Why didn't ISI know about this? Rather than answering these questions, Zaid Hamid foolishly shifts the basic discourse. 

10. It would be the most staggering military blunders of all times to let the enemy supplies pass through our land when it plans to invade us with the help of Indians to turn us into another Iraq and then into another Yugoslavia! We know their game now and their war against Pak sarzameen is hurting us every day. Now this nation won’t be part of their diplomatic non-sense and lies. If the rulers try to open the supplies, there would be an open armed rebellion in the country against the government.

This is simply senseless! How can re-opening supply route help Indians in turning Pakistan into Iraq or Yugoslavia. Is the author lost his mind till he reaches the last point. 

Zaid Hamid is publicly forcing people on a civil disobedience movement. He has completely lost his grab on the issue, and like a losing debater, he know wants to fight with the winner. Zaid Hamid will be alone in his fight, as the nation know the benefits of re-opening the supply routes. 


  1. Well am not a fan or supporter in any way for Zaid but i see the point which he has made on the other had you just lost the argument when you your self ( Kumail ) agreed to US Trying to destroy Pakistan. Sorry brother but don't shit your pants when you lose Pakistan to the real terrorist ( US and Its Allies.) That is if your a Pakistani. Your arguments are totally baseless and has no stand in ones point of view and am sure me as an american can see what We are doing to your country and other Muslim States but to my amazement you as a Pakistani and a Muslim refuse to see the real truth. Shame on you ! why should we support your country in any way .. We are super powers and will take what ever we feel like that's how our policy is. So be ready to shit your pants buddy. :)

    1. "shit your pants", "my amazement you as a Pakistani and a Muslim", "Shame on you ! ", " Your arguments are totally baseless" ۔۔۔

      Thanks for reading Mr. Anonymous. You lost your emotions while commenting. No problem :) I guess that a general societal habit.

      Please proof a fact that's wrong.

  2. Don't talk to me about Proofing fact about whats wrong, You seem to have no vision, get some history classes buddy. Read what US has done world wide and then we can have a small chat :). War on IRAQ, IRAN IRAQ WAR, CIA in Nigeria, and the list goes on and on. Don't start with me buddy. Your from a third World country so act as one. Slaves are you are and will be.

    1. buddy, you are an ideal follower of Zaid Hamid :D