Thursday, January 24, 2013

And the post got deleted!!

The dead sea scrolls were a click away, but yet again, the devil intervened. 

How does it feel when you delete a post that you wrote in three hours? It feels absolutely bizarre! What's more, it just happen with me today!

I wrote a long post about the case of polio being registered in Egypt. According to authorities, the virus was transmitted from Pakistan. I discussed the root causes of polio in this country, and how unchecked religious extremists are killing lady health workers for saving our children from this curse. Unfortunately, it's all history. Maybe I'll write it gain in a few days!

After this little digression, I return to my real topic again. How the heck did this happen! I was checking spelling mistakes in my post on my mobile phone. The screen was extremely small, and I had to zoom in and out back and forth. Moreover, it wasn't possible to read what's written in portrait mode, so I had to change the orientation to landscape. But the catch was, it was impossible to type in the landscape mode as 60% of the screen was occupied by the stupid android keyboard. So I had to continuously change mobile orientation.

You can feel how much headache I was taking to simply remove a bunch of typos. It was more like finding an enemy target through a complex orientation and zooming! It took 30 to 40 seconds to reach the desired word, and just a single second to lose it again! Hence, quadrupling my self-created headache.

But like in all war, a single mistake can prove disastrous! I'm the finest empirical proof of this cliché. As I was changing the zoom level of my screen, I mistakenly pressed the main screen for a fraction of a second. This action selected all the written text on my blog, and in haste I pressed the backspace button on the stupid android keyboard! After two seconds, the blogger application automatically saved the blank post. The result: A completely blank post, without even leaving a beacon of proof that it was ever written!.

A hungry man will try to search something to keep him alive, even if it's the flesh of his friend's cadaver! Just like him, I tried to find out a way to resurrect my three hours of work. I hurriedly pressed the undo button on the blogger toolbar. To my surprise it didn't work. I pressed it again and again, just hoping for a miracle to happen and my deleted text somehow comes back. Unfortunately, miracles don't happen with me. The text was lost forever. 

I searched on goggle on how to retrieve the 'last saved copy' of my blog. Not a single piece of help was available. Then I opened my browser's history, and saw a ray of light! I could see the title of the preview page on the history list. The dead sea scrolls were a click away, but yet again, the devil intervened. When I pressed the preview page link, the following window popped out:

The ship was drowning, and the captain could only wait for the death to takeover. I felt something of this like. With all these billions and billions web pages, millions of technology experts, thousands of retrieval applications, I was still unable to recover my work. In was lost into the oblivion of the black hole. 

Maybe, after a thousand years or so, someday people at Google might be able to retrieve my literature. But till that day, I can say, that Blogspot seriously has a big flaw!

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