Monday, March 12, 2012

Why We Write?

There are hundreds of pages, thousands of words and millions of letters being invested on writting. People share their thought, their emotions, their perspective on every issue below the sun and beyond it. Every thing is discussed from issues related to minor problems such as using an hammer on an inclined floor to complex issue pertaining to Quantum mechanics, from domestic issues to international mayhem, and from animal rights to human rights. People giving out there opinions and thoughts which eventually makes the world a better place to live in.

Writing brings change! (Source:

Why do people write? Why do they want to invest their time on scribbling down words on a piece of paper when there are more important things to do? The answer is to this question is simple. Every man and woman has an hidden feeling, a secret beast or angel, a magic wand, a desire, a hope, a will to change and prosper, a desire for a better tomorrow, a blessed world for the next generation and global peace in today's world.

There are people who write because they get money from writing. People who generate money from writing are of two types. Those who -through their words- want to change the world for a better tomorrow. People like Habib Jalib, Emmeline Pankhurst, Malcom X, Noam Chomsky and Eqbal Ahmed invested their intellect to fight authority. Authorities which denounce human freedom and curtail rights of common man. These aforementioned people in every part of history have stood up against the norms of time and vehemently opposed injustice. Injustice at home or abroad. Injustice against men, women, Muslims, Jews, Arab, non-Arab. They have raised their voices against evil dictatorships and usurpers. The annals of history has enshrined their names for all times here after. 

There are also people who sell their words for petty prices. People such as the German philosopher Heidieger who supported Hitler's Fascism in the third Reichs. The Pakistani Lawyer Abdul Hafeez Sheikh who supported all dictators from the creation of Pakistan till present. Selling words gave life to death systems and led to a societal meltdown. 

The real intellect always opposed such writing which fuelled hatred in the society. They were sent to jails for their words, and for their actions against the oppressor. But history has shown, oppression always faces defeat whether it is in Germany, Italy, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Soviet Union or Burma. In future we'll also witness the  collapse of governments in Bahrain, Syria and even in China and Saudia Arabia. Such defeats have given life to the words of the intellects. Words have risen from ashes, like the phoenix of the Greek mythology, like the voice of Rose Parker against white domination, like Nelson Mandela in South Africa, like Gandhi and Jinnah in South Asia, like Karl Marx against the capitalist exploitation and like the writing of Aleksendr Solzhenitsyn against war. 

This is why we write!

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