Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From The Holocuast to Gaza

Reading newspapers, watching BBC or surfing the internet- I noticed how the world has spoken over the Israeli attack on the ship 'fotilla'. Tagged as the 'armada of terror' by the Isreali foreign minister, the ship was carrying basic food items for the people in Gaza strip. A land which is occupied by the Israeli authorities against all international jurisdiction.

Why do we have to see the same Middle East again and again? The Middle East of blood, tears and sorrow. Why is the blood so profane? Or is it really kosher to kill Jews, Muslims or Christians? Is it a Jewish-Muslim problem or a Jewish-Arab problem? Why do we hear human cry, the shear human agony and pain which transcends the limits of human language and uttered words?

The utter 'forlorn' of the Holocaust continues to reverberate itself with a change in geography and ethnicity. Six million innocent men, women and children were killed by the Nazis on the bases of ethnic discrimination. Hitler called them 'The Impure Race'. The Fuhrer of the Third Reich gave out 'creative plans' for the killing of Jews, including the 'March of Death', 'Gas Chambers', 'Concentration Camps' and 'Forced Labours'. Men were denigrated and humanity millions of time. But has something change; wasn't the 'Plan D' similar to what Hitler did? Wasn't it a 'ethnic cleansing' of the Palestinian Arabs? Women were raped, families massacred. The whole Palestinian civilization was at stack. The Holocaust repeated itself, but this time not the 'Insane Fuhrer' but the 'Holocaust survivors' themselves. How on earth can they forgot the pain they themselves confronted. 'History repeats itself' as the mantra goes and the Middle East is looped inside a whirlpool which seem to be monotonous. The whirlpool of 'red wine' and 'red blood'.

The whole Middle East crisis centres around a city. A city which dates back in time immemorial. Every patch and every bit of the city has a story to tell. From the destruction of the First Temple to the conquest by Ayubi and then up till the Crusades; the City seems to have stored everything in it lap. This city is known as the 'Jerusalem' or 'Yerusalem'. Near it Prophet Jesus(pbuh) was born, Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) went on the journey of 'Miraj' and Jews have there Solomon Temple right at the heart of the city. The Abrahamic religions seem to have a common denominator. But is 'common denominator' is nothing different from today's Gaza. Same stories of innocent massacre, people die without any reason except that they are born in Jerusalem. The noise of bullets and rocket fire overwhelm all other holy rhymes and recitations, people pray in a sacred warzone with hundred of check-posts and armed personal watching each and every activity being performed. The solace of guns and arms diminishes the solace of love and religion.

"Let the children of Abraham intermingle together", said the president of the united states at the university of Cairo. Sir, who is stopping them? Who is stopping the Jews and Arab to live together? Who give a 'peace road-map' and than another 'peace road-map' and than another? Who is playing with their lives? Let them intermingle! and please don't the latest Israeli Terrorism as you don't support the rocket attacks on southern Israel.

As far as the Arab world is concerned, they should accept the world as it is. Gone are the days of Arab Imperialism. No more 'King Abdullah' play. Expansionism is neither coin of this age and nor it will help the of Gaza. Consider Palestine a land which transcends the geographical boundaries of the Arab world. Until then, no solution is possible. A unified Arab force is not a solution, we have seen then in the Arab-Isreali war. The Arab couldn't get even a meagre piece land in the seven wars they fought.

The people of Gaza need our help. But the Palestinians which are in their mother's womb need a Middle East which is more secure and peaceful than today. Gaza is as large as Singapore, let Gaza be the Singapore of the Middle East. The Israeli should know that 'There is a tomorrow after today' and history always repeats.

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