Sunday, December 4, 2016

The rise of the conservative right

Have you ever wondered the reason for the recent Trump phenomenon? It is not just the United State that is witnessing arise of far-right nationalism, rather similar sentiments can be observed all around the world. Take Europe for example, in Hungary, the government of Viktor Orban is publicly speaking against immigration and refugees. He has gone on to say that Islam has no place in the Hungarian society. In France, the right wing Marine Le Pen of the Front National speaks with similar undertones. In Greece and Italy, the xenophobic tendencies are on rise that in effect is give rise to conservatism. The historical event of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union is also a win for the conservatives. The head on the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage, called Brexit the day when "UK got its independence". Even in countries like Slovakia are joining this trend. The prime minister of Slovakia recently said that Islam has no place his country. In Germany, Alternativ für Deutschland(AFD) has seen a rise in the polls, and strongly criticise Markel for her pro-immigrant policies. 

If we move from Europe to Asia, a similar phenomenon can be observed in the world's largest democracy, India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes from a right wing Hindu-Nationalist party BJP (so-called Indian Peoples' Party). Although he doesn't an explicit undertone for hating Muslims or other cultural and linguistic minorities in the country, a rise in far-right Hindu populism has seen a rise. With the recent killing of intellectuals and strike again people who doesn't agree with his definition of 'nationalism' only solidifies this idea. 

In Australia, the ruling party publicly speaks against taking foreign refugees event who are really in need of help. Racism and xenophobia is also on the rise in the once peaceful country. 

How can we understand this situation? What is the reason for this rampant failure of the Left? Are people scared of a more integrate world? Is globalisation causing people to lose their identity, and hence they are against all ideas and people that are from the outside? Is it because of the media that 'programs' people to think is a specific direction? 

This rise of the Right can be seen as a failure of the capitalist doctrine. The great promises of the free market, the idea of infinite progress, the American dream of becoming whatever you want to be, the idea of absolute freedom, etc. etc., all these ideas seem to dwindle in our times. The monetary crisis of 2008 left millions of people around the world without a shelter for their families. The affects were most devastating in Iceland. Once the most peaceful country of the world, with no crime and poverty, came to a total stand halt. The currency dwindled as the country declared bankruptcy. Similar were the affect on Greece as the euro-crisis sent the whole country to go on a 'for-sale' advertisement. Mothers couldn't afford milk for their babies, Banks were closed, and people were not able to pay for their health insurance. This was a European country! not some third-world economic outlier. 

With such a scale of economic disorder, people search for an alternative. SO what's their alternative? The Left has collapsed, as the philosopher Zizek points out that even if Left comes into power they don't have a viable economic to solve these mammoth problems. Even the leftist are implementing the capitalistic doctrines. Take a look at China. Once a powerful communist country has completely opened itself for the capitalist ideals. The country now has a list of billionaires, a phenomenon impossible to witness in a communist government. Hence, the people look for alternative, without thinking whether it is good in the long run or not. 

Secondly, although the Right doesn't have a viable economic manifesto of their own, they are really good at winning the heart of the people. Recently, the governor of Alaska said that the victory of Donald Trump is send by God. Such rhetoric means a lot for many people. They are in need of a saviour, whoever s/he is, and wherever the saviour comes from.

But everything is not that bad too. Humans have achieved a lot in the forgoing centuries. The right of vote, the separation of religion from the state, human rights,  etc. all have been achieved through a very long struggle between the common people against the military, religious, or political establishment. The German philosopher Hume pointed out that a state only exists because the people give a consent to a minority political class to make laws for them. Whenever we have seen a change in human history, it is through the revolt of the common people to stand up against injustice and bigotry.  Although this is an long struggle for rights, but it is worth fighting it. 

JFK said that if peaceful revolutions are sabotaged and prohibited, violent revolutions become inevitable. We can hope that the present crisis doesn't turn itself in a violent movement.

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  1. To some extent, I agree with the writer but it might not happen 100% as it is deemed. However, in order to eliminate the growing sentiment against Muslims in the West, every Muslim have to work hard to improve individual character. Only through this, we can curb this curse from spreading to three other cardinal points.